Features of New JioPhone,The Phone would be launch with a New whatsapp version..!!Latest News about JIO!!


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Friends Today I’m Going to tell The Features Of New JioPhone–
Friends The New JioPhone is Not an android Phone.But It is 4G LTE Supported, and works on Indian 4G band(4G LTE 40).The Phone Also supported some android Applications like-Whatsapp,facebook,and Browsers etc.

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Table of Contents:

Lets Have a look at the features of the New JioPhone.. 


              Screen size — 2.40 Inch
              Touch Screen  —   No
              Resolution      —   240*320 p

              External Storage — Yes
              External Storage type– MicroSD

              Rear    — Yes
              Flash  —  No
              Front  — No

            Wi-Fi  — No
            GPS — No
            Bluetooth — Yes(v.-4.10)
            NFC  —  Yes
            Intrared  — No
           USB OTG — No
            Headphones — Yes(3.5mm)
            FM — Yes
            SIMs — 1 only
           GSM/CDMA — GSM
           3G/WCDMA — No
           4G/LTE  — Yes

 Operating System–
           OS — KaiOS

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The Phone does not have any sensor.

 The Phone has launched in july 2017.




#-Why Users should buy JioPhone..               

First the phone is very cheap and 4G LTE services supported .Currenly, other than voice over LTE calls and basic internet browsing, there is hardly any thing that the Jiophone users will be able to do with the fast 4G network.One of the biggest deprivate would be the lack of basic applications like Whatsapp, facebook and twitter.

According a report (by Factor daily),The Jio is in  talks with whatsapp to provide a special whatsapp version of the app on Jio’s OS.Still the app is not  available of the KaiOS.

Jiophone is being touted as “INDIA KA SMARTPHONE -JIOPHONE” as it is aimed at the feature phone market, which is still a majority in the phone market.                

The Company also launched the DATA plans for the JIOphone.                                                         


                  The Phone will launch on 15 august  for testing.And the Online booking of Phone will be starts on 24 august.                                                                                                                                                                       

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