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About Us: NewTechniqueInfo is a technical platform specially created for bloggers, programmers, students, marketers, and entrepreneurs!

We at NewTechniqueInfo share well-researched information for knowledge purposes!
As a Mentor and Marketer, My clients always ask From where they get valuable
information? After sharing many blogs, I started the platform for different field persons.
The thought to start this platform came from my experience.

The platform is only to share stories, blogs, videos, and additional market research
material. After a lot of hard work, I started this platform and trying to improve my effort
every time!

The platform is running on public funding! Please help us to keep it running-
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About newtechniqueinfo.com Team

HARIOM: I m a 23-something-year-old Internet Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant, and Digital Mentor. I am passionate about blogging Branding, marketing, and business.

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Amit Kumar: I am a Technical blogger with over 2 years of experience. I am passionate about blogging, Coding, and youtube videos.

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