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What is branding?-newtechniqueinfo

Branding is the most important and biggest concept of marketing. But it is not a good, clear and complete definition to understand the branding concept. So today I’ll try to make a clear sense about Branding. We will discuss “What is Branding?” with examples.

What is Branding?

If we talk about the meaning of branding then we can say: The concept of promoting a product or a company with distinct designs, advertisements, and marketing can be called Branding. But “Is Branding that simple?” My answer would be “NO!

Because if Branding is that much simple why most companies and marketers are still stuck to get the right answer and result. Maybe Branding definition is easy but not it’s meaning!

Let’s first concentrate on a Brand!

“A brand is a name, a term or a design or a feature of a product that specifies a particular seller or a service provider.”

We can say that “Branding is the process of defining characteristics and properties of any particular product or a company with a specific keyword, logo and design to give that generic product an identity which helps it to be recognized and differentiated in the market.

Let take an example,

Like when you want to buy shoe then you will remember “PUMA” Shoes.

Here PUMA is a brand for the shoe. 

Likely when you talk about online shopping you will remember “Amazone, Walmart, and eBay” 

What Branding Includes:

Defines Characteristics and Properties: Branding defines a generic product’s characteristics and its properties. Even characteristics are product specific they can’t be limited for a single entity. But a brand name can specify the product particularly 

Give Identity: The most important purpose of branding is to give identity to a generic product or a name. Branding gives a generic identity to a particular product and built an organic reach to customers.

Knowledge About Targeted Audience: As mentioned above branding make an organic reach to a specific audience. 

Updates: A brand introduces some new features to its products or services from time to time to stay up-to-date. It also introduces something new in the market. 

Consistency: It is necessary to continue what you do. So Consistency is more important than anything else.