Selling goods is not an easy task today, either from physical or online stores. People’s attention span is fast decreasing, which implies that you must do something to catch their eye instantly. That is the first condition today to make a potential customer turn head toward a product. Unless and until that happens, selling based on just quality becomes harder. This is where merchandise design comes in the picture.
A unique merchandise design is undoubtedly a key to sell products to customers in a niche market. Remember that many goods in the same categories are lined up on a shelf. So which merchandise a customer is likely to pick up first, entirely depends on how a product is presented; in terms of its design. People are naturally drawn towards things that are artfully and aesthetically presented.
Markets have mainly four types of goods – convenience goods, impulse goods, shopping goods, and specialty goods. Smart marketers place them at strategic points in big shopping centers. But an attractive merchandise design is fundamental to all the products. We can say that merchandise marketing starts with a well thought of merchandise designs.
But creating a merchandise design is not easy. The designer considers many factors. The choice of design will largely depend on the lifestyle of the target customers and their demographics.
However, some conditions apply if your merchandise must become an excellent promotional strategy. First and foremost, the quality of merchandise and its design must be top class. No one will like merchandise, even as a gift if it looks terrible. Secondly, when designing merchandise, creativity should be the key to drive attention. A T-shirt or a cap with a great design is attractive to people. Thirdly, it must also be sustainable. This means that the merchandise must be created in line with the best ethical and ecological values to establish your brand identity amongst the audience. Once a unique design of the goods is in place, you can then use it to promote your business. However, the design itself is not good enough to bring people to the product and your brand. You must be prepared to make extra efforts to promote your brand with the design.
So, here are some key tips for using merchandise design as your tool for brand promotion.

Use merchandise to have more referrals

Referrals are one of the most used strategies to build a solid customer base steadily. With an impressive merchandise design getting more referrals becomes easier. Entice your customers to refer your products or company by offering them your attractive and useful merchandise. They will enjoy getting aesthetical design merchandise that they can keep and use for long.
So, a gift of your merchandise is your way to thank people for generating more referrals sincerely. But make sure that your loyal customers get something unique and useful that will encourage them for more referrals.

Mix merchandise and social media for promotional purpose

Social media is the place for interaction between your fans and your brand. It is now a well-established fact that social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest are great tools for brand promotion. So, reach out to more people using social media and connect with them. For example, you can start a like & share action campaign on Facebook. You should be trying hard to increase the Likes for your Facebook page, which means that you can then convert those people into your loyal customers later. To get more Likes, run a Facebook contest that can excite people into entering it and winning a prize. Your mesmerizing merchandise design, such as a t-shirt and other useful products, can be the prize for winning the contest.
The winner will be showing the prize on his or her Facebook page, which will further promote your brand. That is the way to get free publicity for your brand on Facebook. So, your like & share action can do wonder for enhancing the reach of your brand. You should explore many such promotional opportunities on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Give enticing reward to repeat customers

While every company dreams of having a great base of loyal customers, many of them do not care about treating them well. Those customers who repeatedly come to your brand to buy, they deserve to be welcomed with special treats. A surefire way to say thanks to your loyal customers is to give them gifts. Even a little gift goes a long way to win their hearts. This is where your impressive merchandise design can do magic.
Consider giving customized merchandise such as a Tote bag, a cap, or any other useful gift. The design will keep them glued with the merchandise for a long time. And do not forget to give your merchandise designs as a gift to your clients as well. The first impression on a typical client matters a lot to do business. When such a client makes the first purchase, make sure that you follow-up that client and win by offering discounts. But merchandise is the creative idea you can explore. Give them an exclusive gift for the first purchase, which helps your clients to remain loyal to your brand.

Give your cool T-shirts

T-shirts are a cost-effective marketing idea that businesses so frequently use as part of their brand promotional strategies. This promotional tactic is much more productive also in terms of viewership. For example, a billboard is costly, and not all the passersby see it. But when you make people wear t-shirts with your company’s slogan and logo, thousands of people see the shirt as the person wearing it becomes a walking billboard for your brand.

So, give cool T-shirts with impressive merchandise design to people on the sideline of an event or tradeshow. 

Use your staff for brand promotion

How about using your company employees to generate more awareness for your brand? That surely is a great idea, and you can implement it in your unique way. For example, you can gift the performing team members a sweater with an excellent merchandise design. Since it is a quality sweater and design, they would love to wear it on weekends or vacations. So, everywhere they go wearing apparel, they advertise your brand and products.
One of the proven ways to market your brand effectively is to use merchandise designs in varied ways. Your attractive designs of merchandise can be your potent tool to get more referrals from people. You can also reward your loyal customers and clients by giving them merchandise. Do not also forget that your great designs of goods should also be a part of your social media brand promotional campaign.