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5 Best Movies For Inspiration: In everyone’s life a boring time comes when you feel low, distracted, and demotivated. It feels like you are useless and can’t do anything creative. It’s common for teenagers. So it is most important for teenage students of high school or above should be self motivated. The best way to inspire yourself is to watch inspiration content. You can watch inspirational movies, historic shows and creative short movies.

But the question is Which movies or shows you should watch, so you get enough knowledge and inspiration? Parents should worry about this, or should guide their children about these type of ideas. Here are the Top 5 inspiration movies for students, by watching them they do not only get knowledge but they also get inspired!

1. The Social Network(2010):

The social network movie was released in 2010, directed by David Fincher, is an American
biography movie based on Facebook Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The film is completely inspirational and when you watch it it feel like a man can do anything if
he can think. In this movie once Mark Zuckerberg rejected by a girl in his college, so he decided to take revenge and he makes a website as Facemass. And expose data of the girl’s hostel, that night he get more then think like on facemass from there he get the idea of Facebook.

2. The Martian(2015):

The martian movie was released in 2015, directed by Ridley Scott, is an Science-Fiction movie based on a mars mission. In the movie an astronaut (Matt Damon), is with his team mates on mars mission. In the starting of the mission they are analysis mars surface but suddenly a cyclone comes to the mars and they need to terminate mission and have to get back to earth. But accidentally Matt Damon left alone on mars. But he was alone and survive on mars because he do not have enough food or water to live. He grow vegetables on mars and also make water. After almost 1 year his team mate find him and go back to catch him. The movie is full of knowledge and motivation. I highly recommended to watch it.

3. Robot(Enthiran)(2010):

Robot translation of Enthiran Movie was released in 2010,Directed by S. Shankar, is an
Tamil(Indian) movie. In this movie a scientist Vaseegaran (Rajnikant- South Indian Actor) created a robot named Chitti. Chitti is so powerful and almost like human, even he can feel love and anger. But an another scientist feel jealous to Vassegaran change software of Chitti. So he becomes a bad guy and starting to destroy everything. The movie is in sequence. The movie proves that “Nothing is impossible, if we can think we can

4. 3 Idiots(2009):

3 Idiots movie was released in 2009 directed by Rajkumar Hirani, is Hindi movie. The movie is astory of an brilliant boy(Phunsukh Wangdu) who was a servant in a high society family. But he is very intelligent, once his teacher found him that he is solving 10th class question on blackboard but he was studying lower class. As he wants to study but he didn’t have enough money, so his master sent him to study engineering at ICE, Delhi as his son Ranchhoddas Shamaldas Chanchad. The movie is very motivational and full of drama also.

5. Fury(2014):

Fury was released in 2014 directed by David Ayer, is an American war movie. The movie is good for the students who want to go in defence. In the movie an army sergeant Wardaddy Collier (Brad Pitt), leading a Sherman tank and his five person team. They following their mission with an inexperienced soldier. They were moving forward to Nazi Germany and infiltrate cities. The movie is full of thrill and action also it teaches a lesion of scarify and patriotism.

Conclusion: Movies are good source of inspiration and entertainment. You can get both at a time by watching movies.