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How Students Can Utilize Time During Coronavirus Outbreak: The novel coronavirus has taken the world to a place where everyone is worried about their future. This time is more critical for students, for those who are inboard classes like 10th and 12th stranded. However, just sitting at home and getting bored, watching TV serials, news and scrolling tab on social platforms are not good for students’ careers. Here are X tips and Ideas, By following these students can utilize their time to do something good and learn an extra skill.

1.Wake up Early and Do yoga and detox

Waking up early and doing yoga or exercising improves Body strength, flexibility, and agility, and most importantly it also help to improve your immunity system to fight disease. It also helps to be fit. Staying healthy and fit is good not for only students but for everyone. Doing yoga helps to concentrate mind and you remember what you learn. You do not need to repeat it again & again, and you can save your time.

2. Spend Time with Family and make Memorial Crafts Or Art

As the government has locked down the country and no one can go out. So this is the time you can use to make memories with your family. And as said “The best time spent is the time spent with our loved ones!” So, let’s make this an opportunity to spend time with the ones who are always there for us. And you can also make crafts and art at home like you start doing painting of your family members, make a collage of family photos. This type of activity will make you feel the family and you may feel the fascination of it.

3. Reads books and Join Online Classes

There are many books you can read. And you also can join online classes to study. There are many online classes and tutorials sites, you can also use Youtube as well. Studying extra and good material good for students’ mental health. It helps to think differently and it inspires them to do something creative. This time is an opportunity for the students who are preparing for IIT & PMT. They get some extra time to read more.

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4. Watch Historic TV shows and Sc-Fi Movies

It is said that “Children should have good manners and good education!” So India Historic TV series are a good source to know the Indian culture. And Sc-Fi movies are good for inspiration and staying focused. There are many movies that are good for students.




                    The Moon Walk

                    How to Train your Dragon

                    The Martian

5. Start A Blog Or Youtube Channel

As technology expands its feet, digitalization is increasing. Doing blogging is not hard, you just have some basic skills and or if you don’t have. Open Youtube and search for it. There are many platforms e.g. Blogger,  Where you can start your own blog. Like this starting, a youtube channel is also not hard. You just need to have to be inspired and creative. It is enough if you share your ideas on it. Just make video and share. Blogging and doing youtube is also helpful to earn money.

6. Learn an Extra Skill

Due to coronavirus pandemic many companies like udemy are offering free professional courses. Students can enroll for their favorite and can get study material for free.

7. Be a Freelancer

There are many online websites & marketplaces where you can enroll to work as a freelancer and can earn money. It is not only help to gain money but you can improve your skills. If you like to do illustration, artwork, or graphic you can join Designhill, Behance. Or if you do other professional works like coding, SEO, Content Writing you can join, Upwork, etc.

Conclusion: Time is the most precious thing of the universe. And utilizing time is a good habbit.

Author: My name is HARIOM, working as a Social Media Marketer, Content Strategist & Brand Consultant at NewtechniqueInfo.