How to Allocate the unallocated space in Hard Drive without using any app…

how to allocate the unallocated space in disk space

Hi friends..My self HARI Kagra. Today we are going to know that “How we can allocate the Unallocated space in hard drive?”Follow me on Youtube here..So friends first of all, We should have know that what is unallocated space in hard drive?

Friends, Now I’m tells u that what is unallocated sapce in HDD?Friends, The space of Hard drive which is not in used or not formated yet is called unallocate space. The unallocated space is cann’t used still it would be format.Sometimes during installing windows or any operating system(e.g.=linux,mac,etc..) The extra space of HDD without windows partition could be find as unallocated space.

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