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What is IP address? How To Find IP Address In WINDOWS.? Hi friends… Friends As you know that In every Video or Post We consults about  The new techs and software. So friends Today I came with a new post related to the Internet user.Friends this post is very important for all internet users because, As we all know that the modern time the time of technology and many people

What is IP address How To Find IP Address In WINDOWS

is knows the best tech each to each. In this time we all uses the Internet which is most organ of our daily life.And we knows that there is many Danger on the Internet/web.

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Friends as you knows that many hackers are hacking the internet devices these-days.

Many people thinks that how they do this.Friend I tells you about this in this post.

Friends A hacker always thinks different to a normal person.He/she thinks about the weakness of a Internet device or Non-Internet device.

Friends you hear about the black hole which is responsible for end of earth life.It means the “Black Hole” is the weakness of earth.

The same When we connected to the web, Our device have a unique and different (from others)

E-address in numeric format which is called IP address of our device.The IP address of our device is “The Black Hole” for the devices Hackers can be use this to hack your device.

To Know what is the IP address and How we can find it You have to see the below video-

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