What is an IP address? How To Find IP Address In WINDOWS? Hi friends. Friends As you know that In every Video or Post We consult about new techs and software. So friends Today I came with a new post related to the Internet user. Friends this post is very important for all internet users because, As we all know that the modern time the time of technology and many people

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are the unique numbers assigned to each computer or device that’s connected to the web. Among other important functions, they identify every device connected to the web, whether it is an internet server, smartphone, mail server, or laptop. After years of rapid Internet expansion, the pool of obtainable unallocated addresses for the first Internet Protocol, referred to as IPv4, has been fully allocated to Internet Services Providers (ISPs) and users. That’s why we’d like IPv6, a subsequent generation of the web protocol that features a massively
bigger address space than IPv4.

What is IP address
What is IP address

The IP address may be a shorter way of claiming “Internet Protocol address.” IP addresses are the numbers assigned to network interfaces. Although we use names to ask the items we seek on the web, such as www.example.org, computers translate these names into numerical addresses in order that they can send data to the proper location. So once you send an email, visit an internet site, or participate in a video, the conference, your computer sends data packets to the IP address of the opposite end of the connection
and receives packets destined for its own IP address.

What looks Like Ip Address?

There are currently two different versions of IP addresses in use—IPv4, and IPv6. the 2 versions look quite different from each other.

IP addresses are literally just long strings of numbers, like 3221226037, but to form it easier for people to read them, we write them down in a special way. IPv4 addresses are written as a string of 4 numbers between 0 and 255, separated by dots. A typical IPv4 address seems like this: IPv6 addresses are considerably longer strings of numbers, in order that they are written using hexadecimal, which can fit more information into fewer digits. Colons separate the segments of IPv6 addresses instead of dots; for instance, 2001:0db8::53. In fact, once you see two colons side by side in an IPv6 address,
you know that each one of the segments between them contains only zeros. Without those colons, the instance address expands to its fully-written version, 2001:0db8:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0053.

Allocating, recycling, and documenting IP addresses and subnets during a network can get confusing very quickly if you’ve got not laid out an IP addressing
plan. A sound plan will assist you to prepare the network foundation to support
additional services like unified communications, wireless access, and
enhanced network security.

IP addressing may be a Network Foundation service, which makes it core to the
network design. It provides the bottom for all other network and user services.
Without the inspiration, it might not be possible to interact with network and
user services, from learning the phone using the telephone company to reading
email using the e-mail service.

What is IP address How To Find IP Address In WINDOWS

is knows the best tech each to each. At this time we all use the Internet which is the most organ of our daily life. And we know that there is much Danger on the Internet/web.

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Friends as you know that many hackers are hacking internet devices these-days. Many people think that how they do this. A friend I tell you about this in this post. Friends A hacker always thinks differently from a normal person.He/she thinks about the weakness of an Internet device or Non-Internet device. Friends you hear about the black hole which is responsible for the end of earth life. It means the “Black Hole” is the weakness of the earth.

The same When we connected to the web, Our device has a unique and different (from others) E-address in a numeric format which is called the IP address of our device. The IP address of our device is “The Black Hole” for the devices Hackers can use this to hack your device. To know what is the IP address and How we can find it You have to see the below video Friends Don’t forget to share and subscribe.

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