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So Friends Today we are going to know about UI(user interface) and its types. So friends first of all we going to know about UI. So lets start…

What is UI(User Interface)?

What is UI(User Interface)?
What is UI(User Interface)?

Friends, The UI–in the industrial design field of human-computer interaction is the space where interactions between human and computer(machine) occure. Means UI (user interface) is space or software which occur between Computer and user. The Goal of interaction is to allow effective operation and control of the machine simultaneously feeds back informtion thats aids the operators decision-making examples of UI is Operating system of a machine, Hand tools, heavy machinery control tools, We can say that UI is a tool which allows the user to operate and control a machine or computer.

UI makes the exchange between users and machine/computer possible.Without it, this vital form of communication ceases to exist.

Types of UI(User Interface)?

There are three prevalent types of UI and eavh has a range of advantage and disadvantage.

1.- CUI -Command line User Interface

CUI Command Line User Interface CUI  is works on commands, which is given by user.Commands which are given by user must appropriate, If the commands is not right the CUI or machine(Computer) shows error or no action will take.

The command line UI is no longer common as a form of basic interface in everyday consumer product,but it is in use under certain cricumstances. Command line UI  requires users to type appropriate instructions into the command line.The Computer is commanded to first go to the required file or directory. From ther, a whole host of commans become avaolable, from retriving files to running program.

In common word CUI is hard to understand for every user.And it works on pre-fixed commands, which must be type in command line.

Advantage of CUI

i) Simple Structure
ii) Minimal memory usage
iii) Great for slow-running computers, or those low on memory
iv) An expert CLI user can give commands and perform task

Much faster than when using an alternative UI type

Disadvantages of CUI-

i) Difficult to learn command language
ii) Complex for novice users
iii) Minimal error messages information

Examples For CUI-

  • Command Prompt In WINDOWS
  • IDE in linux

2.- MUI–Menu-drive User Interface

MUI-menu line user interface

The  providers users with a range of commands or options in the form a list or menu displayed in full-screen,Pop-up,Pull-down, or Drop-down. In simple words MUI provides user a limited or short command for use or control the machine.

Advantage of MUI-

i) It is no necessary to remember a long list of manual commands
ii) Simple interface for novoices
iii) Self-explanatory menu options

Disadvantage Of MUI-

i) Slower for experienced users
ii) Limited menu options
iii) Often requires you to access miltiple menu Screens tp perform simple functions

Examples of MUI-

ATM Machines

3.-GUI–Graphical User Interface

GUI- Graphical User Interface

GUI is the most popular UI. It is works on simple instructions or inputs which is gives by user with th help of keyboard or mouse or other input device.It is represent in pictorial form.GUI has large interface for users and it is very friendly for users. Every user can work easily,or understand easily.No prefixed commands required or unlimited options are available.

Advantage of GUI-

i) self-explanatory
ii) Easy to use for everyone
iii) Memorizing commands lists is not necessary
iv) Allows for running multiple applications, programs, and tasks simultaneously
v) Solid support facilities
vi) The similar format among different programs adds familiarty
vii) WYSIWYG makes for easy design and formatting

Disadvantage of GUT-

i) Uses large amount of memory

Examples of GUI-

  • Windows OS,MAC OS, Linux kali, Linux Kernal, Android, IOS, etc.
  • Touchscreen GUI also includes in GUI

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